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Do offloader knee braces work for knee arthritis?
Do offloader knee braces work for knee arthritis?

Do knee braces help with knee arthritis pain? 

Do knee braces help with arthritis?

What brace is best for an arthritic knee?

Do offloader knee braces work for knee arthritis? 

What is an Osteoarthritis Knee Brace?

A knee brace for osteoarthritis is also known as an OA knee brace (OA is short for “osteoarthritis”), and it is sometimes called an unloading or off-loading brace. 

These braces are supports worn on the knees to provide joint stability and help to correct joint alignment problems.

Braces can be made of fabric, metal, and plastic. Ranging from the soft, breathable material to the more rigid designs, off loading knee braces offer a variety of comfortable options depending on activity and instability levels.

How Does an Osteoarthritis Knee Brace Work?

There are two types of unloading brace designs, push and pull. 

The push design allows patients to turn the brace’s dial which applies a gentle load for the purpose of opening up the joint and relieving pain. 

The pull design  requires patients to ratchet buckles on the front of the brace to apply a similar load. This force, like with the push brace, is intended to open up the area of the knee where there is friction and resulting pain.

Insurance Coverage

Most private health insurance companies and Medicare offer coverage for osteoarthritis knee braces. 

Check with your insurance plan to be sure.

What is the Cost of an OA Brace?

The cost to you will depend upon whether or not you have insurance and the amount of your deductible. If you don’t have insurance and want to purchase the brace yourself, please discuss with your prescribing physician.

How Do I Get an OA Brace?

Ask Dr. Rios if an off loading knee brace is right for you.  

He and his staff will measure your knee to ensure you get the correct size. 

Dr. Rios will be able to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have regarding a knee brace to relieve knee arthritis pain. 


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