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10 Signs of Knee Arthritis
10 Signs of Knee Arthritis

10 Signs of Knee Arthritis

What is arthritis of the knee?

Arthritis is a disease that causes pain, swelling and stiffness in your joints.

It can affect the largest and strongest joints in your body. It’s common in knees.

Arthritis of the knee can be a serious, debilitating disease.

10 signs of arthritis of the knee

There are many signs and symptoms of arthritis of the knee:

  • Creaking, clicking, grinding or snapping noises (crepitus).
  • Difficulty walking.
  • Joint pain that changes (gets better or worse) depending on the weather.
  • Joint stiffness.
  • Knee buckling.
  • Knee joint pain that progresses slowly or pain that happens suddenly.
  • Skin redness.
  • Swelling.
  • Your knee locks or sticks when it’s trying to move.
  • Warm skin.

Pain and swelling are the most common symptoms of arthritis of the knee.

Some treatments might reduce the severity of your symptoms or even stall the progression.

Although there is no cure for knee arthritis, there are steps you can take that might ease your symptoms and potentially slow the progression of your disease.

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